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1.Width:0.64 meter/1.26Meters

2.Product Structure: PET film+Off layer+The protective layer+Decorative layer+Backing layer




1.YS BRAND Hot Stamping Foil

2.Hot stamping foil is mainly used for the transfer of PS foam lines/foam board.

3.PS environmental protection material foam photo frame has the characteristics of crisp,light,flat,not easy to deform,environmentally friendly,non-toxic and widely used.

4.PS foam photo frame heat transfer film makes the original monotonous PS foam photo frame more smart,will be more popular with anyone.


1.YS BRAND Hot Stamping Foil

2.PVC marble hot stamping foil is based on the market emerged in a variety of different post-processing coating requirements and research and development after a strong adhesion of new products.

3.It can be a high-definition marble pattern,grain and variety of design patterns.

4.After the transfer film surface of the UV,PU coating has a good adhesion.

5.This product is suitable for a variety of substrates of different transfer process,but also for a variety of different post-processing coating or film.

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