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From the culture of holy stone of Maya Art

Holy, fresh, pure, with thousands of images and just right

Absorbed the natural and elegant elements of Maya culture

Advocating the unity of heaven and man

Pursuing the simplicity and purity of man and nature

The super large specification "Kraft white" series adopts the world rare and precious stone simulation design, with unique surface texture, 1285x1890mm large size, luxurious decoration effect and wide extension.

3013 SPC decorative film

"Big board, big difference" shows different home style, with wild, atmosphere and aesthetic feeling.



series  SPC decorative film

applicationLiving room, bedroom, hotel lobby, etc

① High gloss mirror level / High dumb wear resistant layer wear-resistant layer

Improve the service life of wallboard.

②Printed fabric layer

Analyze the real texture and present the original texture image vision of wood grain.

③Base material balance layer

It has the function of flame retardant, and the fire rating reaches B1.

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Post time: May-14-2020