Yiwu Custom Furniture Expo was officially held


On the first day of the Yiwu Home Furnishing Expo, we will directly visit the site of the Shengpai Decorative Film Exhibition and introduce the products to you! Welcome to the exhibition site at any time~ #yiwuhomeexpo #shengpaidecorative film #heattransfer film #PVC wallboard film


There are many customers who can't come to the scene in person, we will introduce the products to you in the form of online.


Our new product is the Mirror film pvc lamination Film, which is a decorative film that can be used as a mirror.


This is our new PET metal wire drawing PVC lamination film, the thicknesses are:

0.14MM thick, suitable for siding and lines,

0.40MM thick, suitable for siding and wood veneer.


Let's look at other products:

This is the AB version of PET Pandora PVC lamination film, which can be infinitely continuous.


And our new Cullinan hot stamping foil photo frame film,which is suitable for frame strips.


There is also have the same color hot stamping foil as the PVC lamination film. It is suitable for UV large board.


If you are interested in these products, you can contact us.

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Post time: Jun-28-2022