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1. Width:1.26Meters
2. Code: YSB-92003
3. Product Structure: PVC
4. Specification:500M/ROLL
5. MOQ:8000M/Code
6. Customization: Yes.Available at roll width,Thickness and length
7. Thickness: 0.12mm/0.14mm or Customized
2020 YS PVC thermal lamination film for wallboard decoration

1. With PVC as the main component, is a kind of light yellow translucent material. Its transparency is better than that of polyethylene, but worse than that of polystyrene, with a certain degree of gloss.
2. PVC decorative film consists of three layers, the top layer is paint, the middle layer is PVC, and the bottom layer is coated with adhesive. It is a widely used synthetic material
3. About the lead time for the mass production,honestly, it depends on the order quantity and the season you place the order.
4. Application: Wallboard,Decorative lines,PS foam board,SPC plastic stone,non-painting door,cabinet doors,aluminiummaterial,wardrobe door…
5. we provide free samples.
6. We are manufacturer with export license.
7. Storage method of our film:
          a. To handle gently, to put straight, upright, not horizontally during transport of our products.
          b. Protect from pressure, dampness, heating, and sunshine, storage temperature is 0-25℃.

8. Storage period: recommended storage cycle not more than 12 months.
9. Do regular testing for color and adhesion before use, if any problem found, stop use and to inform the manufacturer for handling negotiation.
10. Delivery: shipping, air, land and other international cargo transport.
11. Our Pvc Film For Wallboard is with good ductility and reasonable contraction percentage, We can produce the product to meet the requirements of different application, we have environmentally friendly products, scratch-resistant products, anti-UV products. If necessary, we can provide free samples to you to test.

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