WOODEN GRAIN SERIES|The charm of wood.

"The years are not flooded, and the order of spring and autumn is different. Rings are the marks of time, moving stories and profound memories. "

Dendrology of wood

One year round, one leaf knows autumn

There seems to be another original ecological atmosphere in the square inch. The natural knots satisfy our yearning for nature and warm pursuit.

The wood grain is simple, pure, quiet and full of tension

Product presentation

Natural wood color and clear texture

Pursue a good time in the mottled light and shadow

Product parsing

①High dumb wear resistant layer

Lift the service life of wall panel.

② Printed fabric layer

Analyze the real texture and present the original texture image vision of wood grain.

③ Base material balance layer

It has the function of flame retardant, and the fire rating reaches B1.



Series  SPC decorative film

ApplicationLiving room, bedroom, hotel lobby, etc

Effect details

All outstanding is because of persistence 

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Post time: May-19-2020